Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York is about what you would expect… beautiful, loud, obnoxious, pushy, busy and did I mention beautiful? I won’t tell you to do it before you die because honestly, the star of the show is going to be New York and you can do that (probably even better) any other time of the year.

The Christmas lights on Fifth Avenue and the amazing window decorations are an awesome event but during the week of Christmas (and probably the week that it opens) its ram packed with people and it’s almost impossible to enjoy. But, it sure is magnificent. I would recommend going a few weeks before Christmas and on a weekday so hopefully you’ll avoid the crowds. Also, being a tourist in New York around Christmas can be frustrating, not a lot of things open but the crowds and traffic are still a huge problem.

Saks 5th Avenue lightshow  Traffic in New York is a huge hassle… and although Uber is our preferred method of transport the yellow taxi still rules the roads. It’s cutthroat out there. Taxi drivers are angry, honking, aggressive drivers and everyone else just follows suit because New York roads turn you into a ruthless driver. When you stay in a hotel in the middle of Manhattan expect a constant barrage of honking and sirens all night… Ask for a higher floor or bring earbuds there’s not much more you can do about it.

New York TaxiThe food is AMAZING in New York… we all know it. There’s so much good food so why eat at the shitty street carts? Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. You might smell the fire roasted chestnuts and the smoky meat and think ‘gee… that does smell pretty great, I bet it tastes as great as it smells…’ it doesn’t, it’s a tasteless rip off and there’s too much good food around to waste your time on it. I’ve got too many food recommendations that I’m going to do a post just dedicated to that so stay tuned!

pissa adriennas wall stThere’s also so much to do in New York and way more to explore then Manhattan so get out there! Brooklyn was so good to us and I’ll do a separate post for that as well but next time we go we’re planning on seeing more of the boroughs. There’s just so much to explore! I literally spent 2 days at the ‘Met’ and still didn’t see it all! Then there’s shows to see and crazy stuff going on in beautiful Central Park. The best thing you can do in New York is jump on a Subway and get lost amongst it all. Worst case you jump in an Uber and take it back to your hotel.

I have so much to tell you about that I need to break this post up! Next up… our trip to wall Street!

Wall Street - New York



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