Disney Land: The happiest place on Earth (Day 3)

Our third day might have just been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life…  Disney Land!!  I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually just a big kid but to me it was all it was meant to be and more.

We ended up booking a 1 day tour for Disney Land from our hotel with VIP Tours because we didn’t want to have to worry about getting there and back.  Also, the price of the tour seemed to be quite reasonable at USD125 pp for entry and transport.  We were picked up at 8.30am and finally dropped back off at the hotel at about 11pm that night so it was an absolutely HUGE day!  By about 6pm that day I was so exhausted, although that was probably because I was running around like a little kid all day.

Disney Land is so magical! It would have been so much fun for Walt to design and build the park, the whole place really shows the enormity of his imagination.  It’s like stepping into his mind, a wonderful world of fun and adventure.  A complete sensory overload; the smells, the colours, the sounds… It’s just so easy to be able to step back into your own childhood and let the magic of the park draw you in.

Surprisingly, the food was not too bad at Disney Land.  I guess I was expecting something like the Sydney Easter show with dagwood dogs on every corner.  But there were restaurants in every section themed to that part of the park.  IE – there was an Orleans sections (for ‘The Princess and the Frog’) which had some Orleans themed restaurants (we tried our first Gumbo here).   We had all you can eat chicken and ribs (picture below) in Frontier Land.  The meat was falling off the bone and the BBQ sauce was amazing.  Who would’ve thought!

Disneyland Ribs Chrissy in Disneyland

We went on numerous rides and I would recommend all of them, Disney land is full of rides that almost anyone can enjoy.  Not too scary but just enough of an exhilaration to make it fun.  I would also recommend looking into when the parades and shows are on because they’re so much fun!  I think you could easily spend a few days because of the numerous shows and parades, you’ll be pretty tired after trying to fit it all into one day (like we were!).

Once night time comes at Disney Land… it’s another world entirely!  It’s all so colourful, bright and dreamy.  The whole place lights up.  You absolutely have to see it at night even if it’s just for the beautiful Disney castle lit up (photo below).  They also have a spectacular fireworks display that we missed but supposedly it’s great.  I’ve put in a few evening Disney photos for you even though my camera could not at all capture the magic of it.

Disney castle at night Disney lights Disney Carousel Disneyland at night

Well, I’m still stuffed from my huge day at Disney land and I’m a little worried that I’m just about to come down with my usual travelling cold so I’m off to rest for the afternoon before we go out for dinner at Hollywood.   My last advice for anyone’s 1st visit to Disney land is to let go of all your inhibitions, spend a lot of money and be as much of a dorky kid as you can be!

Seeya! xx


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