LA to Arizona Route 66 Roadtrip: Grand Canyon

We ended up arriving at our destination at night so had absolutely no idea until the next morning what a gem we had found.  The house ( was set on a great expanse of grass that flowed right into the bottom of the surrounding mountains.  The first morning we were there we were blessed with blue skies that reflected beautifully off the patches of snow and ice capped mountains.  I was in complete awe of this place.landscape

We took the dog out for his morning walk unleashed (I doubt this was a problem in such an isolated area) and we were able to stomp through the snow and admire the view even more.  It really was just perfect, even the cold couldn’t discourage me.  I think it was this moment on our first morning there, we decided to stay another night because 3 nights at this place was not enough.longroad

Although I did wonder if we should even leave this view we did plan to go to the Grand Canyon on day 2 and I knew that there must be a reason for all the hype.  So we threw on our hiking shoes and snow clothes and drove to the Grand Canyons main entrance which was an easy hour long drive from where we were staying.  Rob, the owner of the house, recommended that we take a small hike to Shoshone Point which was meant to be a best kept secret.  It really was, it was an easy hike to an amazing picnic spot overlooking the canyon (maybe one of the best lunch views I’ve ever had).shaungcpicnic

A short trail from the picnic spot took you to a rocky outcrop that gave you incredible panoramic views of the Canyon.  We were lucky enough to have the whole view to ourselves since everyone else seemed to be at the main viewing spots.  There is absolutely nothing like taking in the enormity of the Grand Canyon in solitude.  It really does make you feel small.ViewGCGC3selfieGC


The Grand Canyon was surreal, magnificent and beautiful.  I just can’t even think of enough positive describing words…  It was so amazing that we decided to go back again just before we left with the dog.   I can’t even imagine that so many Americans have never visited it when most can literally drive here!  What are you guys doing? Do it already!dr.gc




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