LA to Arizona Route 66 Roadtrip: Sedona and Jerome

Day 3 of our road trip through Arizona, we decided to get out and explore the surrounding towns. We drove through the scenic route (very much recommended) to Sedona and immediately we understood the appeal of the area. The place was beautiful, surrounded by these enormous red, rocky mountains, pristine streams meandering through the vegetation. Unfortunately, Sedona itself is very tacky. Very touristy and not as interesting as some would let us believe. We didn’t stay long and didn’t really take any photos…

Jerome, on the other hand, was right up my alley! A tiny little ghost town filled with great food and wineries. The town wound up the side of a hill, which allowed for fantastic views of the surrounding valleys. I would stay in Jerome before I would stay in Sedona, that’s for sure.Jeromeview

The first thing we did when we got to Jerome was find lunch and we were enticed by the sound of a restaurant called Haunted Hamburger ( We also wanted to find a place that was dog friendly and this place had a great outdoor patio with an impressive view. The menu had ingenious creations such as the Ruben hamburger and a margarita list as long as my forearm. We were sold. The Ruben hamburger was everything I love about American food and they even gave Winkie (the dog) a puppy burger! Seriously, the Ruben is one of my favourite sandwiches but throw a burger patty on it and I am all yours! ALL YOURS!!Rubenburger

Apparently Jerome is a bit of a haven for artists and musicians since it is so small and out of the way the media never find them here. So after the burgers we trekked down a bit of a hill to Maynard Keenan’s (Tool, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle front man) store and winery. The wine shop is called Caduceus ( and the vineyard the wines are grown at is called Merkin Vineyards, so nice to see a sense of humour in the wine world! We are both fans of the guy but were also happy to find that he makes great wine! Although on the pricey side at $50 a bottle we thoroughly enjoyed it.   He makes bold, easy drinking wine that would please most palates. Also, he makes his own pasta…. What a man…

The town had so much character, filled with old relics of a richer past. Old stores and buildings that are falling apart, you can almost see the ghosts of a time long ago when the town thrived. I would recommend going through Jerome if you can and if you like wine, food and expansive views then I would even recommend staying a few nightsvault

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